Poll: Most British Columbians disagree that cannabis is more harmful than alcohol

Accompanying the report, Stop the Violence BC released polling data from Angus Reid that demonstrates that the majority of British Columbians:

•    disagree that regular marijuana use is more harmful than regular alcohol use (59%)
•    disagree with the statement that marijuana is a dangerous and addictive drug (54%)
•    do not believe that marijuana is a “gateway” drug that can lead to the use of more dangerous drugs like heroin (51%)

[quote style=”boxed”]It is interesting to see that so many British Columbians understand that alcohol is in many ways more dangerous than marijuana, but it is clear that many people still hold inaccurate assumptions when it comes to invalid arguments such as the ‘gateway’ theory,” said Dr. Paul Hasselback, amedical health officer from Vancouver Island. “The Health Officer’s Council and other experts are not saying that marijuana should be legalized and taxed because it is safe. On the contrary, we should be using public health approaches to regulate its use rather than turning over the market to violent organized crime groups whose only motive is profit.[/quote]

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