Media Coverage: Stop the Violence BC in Kelowna

On March 1st, Stop the Violence BC held two public forums on Stop the Violence BC featuring coalition members David Bratzer, Chris Fibiger, David Kennedy and Dr. Evan Wood.

David Bratzer On CHBC Evening News

Dr. Evan Wood On Castanet News

 Print Media Coverage

Michaels, K. (12/03/01). Kelowna to hear legalization argument, Kelowna Capital News.
Open Line with Phill Johnson (12/03/01). AM1150.
Daybreak South. (12/03/01). CBC.
Pot law draws fire. (12/03/01). Daily Courier
Michaels, K. (12/03/01). Kelowna to hear pot legalization argument, Kelowna Capital News
War on drugs blamed for gang violence (12/03/01). CHBC Global Okanagan
Pot law draws fire. (12/03/01). Daily Courier.
Daybreak South. (12/03/01). CBC
Open Line with Phil Johnson. (12/03/01). AM1150.

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