Infographics: Economic value of BC’s domestic cannabis market

A study published November 15th in the International Journal of Drug Policy showed that British Columbians spend upwards of $564 million annually on recreational marijuana.  To help making sharing the study easier, we’ve produced some infographics that you can share on social media and the internet. Please be sure to credit Stop the Violence BC.

Download the infographic click here.



Stop the Violence BC has commissioned a series of infographics to pictorially represent the results of our polling data. If you are interested in using these in your materials, social media or on your site please credit Stop the Violence BC and Sarah Kozlowski.

Government Response to gang violence

Public opinion of stiffer sentences

Who do you trust?

Would gang violence levels change if cannabis were legalized and regulated?

How concerned are you about gang violence?

Do you think possession of a marijuana cigarette should affect a person’s ability to find and maintain employment?

Growth of gang related homicides