Nelson City Council passes resolution supporting UBCM’s call to decriminalize marijuana and study regulation and taxation

October 9, 2012 Nelson City Council debated and passed a resolution supporting the motion passed in September at the Union of BC Municipalities.  Moved by city Councillor Donna Macdonald, this was the second time Nelson council was debating a cannabis regulation and taxation motion. In early June, Nelson council entered into a heated debate on the issue and deferred the conversation until after UBCM.

Here is the full text of the resolution:

Decriminalization of Marijuana

WHEREAS costly cannabis prohibition efforts have failed to effectively limit the availability of cannabis, especially to our youth, and insteed has created a large financial opportunity for organized crime, fueling an increasing violent illegal market ; and

WHEREAS academic, law enforcement and health experts, including the Health Officers Council of BC, believe that a strictly regulated framework for cannabis control has the potential to reduce rates of cannabis use. raise substantial tax revenue for education and rehabilitation, undermine organized crime. and reduce law enforcement time and expenditures,

That Nelson City Council endorse UBCM resolution A5 (2012 Convention), which calls for the decriminalization of marijuana and for research on the regulation and taxation of marijuana, base on a public health approach, and

That Council’s support for this approach be communicated to the Provincial and Federal Ministers of Health and Justice, and to Stop the Violence BC.